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Friday, November 2, 2012



Commentary © James A. Harrod, Copyright Protected; All Rights Reserved

The September 3, 1956 listing in TV Guide for the Stars of Jazz program had more details concerning the content and personnel to appear than had been the custom for such listings in TV Guide.  All five members of the All Stars were mentioned plus the guest vocalist, June Christy.

Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All Stars would appear on Stars of Jazz three times during the two and a half year run of the program on the American Broadcasting Company television network.  The September 3, 1956 appearance was their first and the current members of the Lighthouse All Stars were Frank Rosolino, trombone; Bob Cooper, reeds; Sonny Clark, piano; Howard Rumsey, bass; Stan Levey, drums. Bob Cooper’s wife, June Christy, was the guest vocalist appearing with them.  

The production script does not list a credit for the writer who spelled the Hermosa Beach cafe and jazz club “Litehouse” but the other facts presented are correct.  Jazz had been presented non-stop in the club beginning in 1949 when Howard convinced the owner, John Levine, that he could provide live jazz that would bring customers into The Lighthouse. 

Bobby Troup promoted the latest Lighthouse All Stars LP on the Contemporary Records label, C3504, The Lighthouse All-Stars Vol. 6.  An image of the front cover was projected on the back screen as seen in Ray Avery’s photo below. C3504 was the second 12” LP release on Contemporary Records.  The first 12” LP release was C3501, SUNDAY JAZZ A LA LIGHTHOUSE, that had been released initially on the Lighthouse Record Co. label as LP301.  When Les Koenig signed the Lighthouse All Stars to the Contemporary label in 1953 his production standard was the 10” LP format and thus the four volumes between LP301/C3501 and C3504 were issued as 10” LPs.  Contemporary Records would not adopt the 12" LP format until 1955.

(Bob Cooper, Sonny Clark, Frank Rosolino, Stan Levey)


The second volume of the Lighthouse All Stars was released as a 10” LP on Contemporary records, C2501, the first LP in Contemporary Record’s modern jazz series.  

It was followed by volume three on C2506. 

Volume four featured the flute and oboe work of Bud Shank and Bob Cooper and was released on Contemporary Records C2510.  

Volume five of the Lighthouse All Stars was released on C2515 with the sub title, IN THE SOLO SPOTLIGHT.

Volume three, C2506, was reissued as a 12” LP, C3508, with additional tracks added.  

Likewise volume four, C2510 was reissued in the 12” LP format as C3520 with additional tracks added to fill out the 12” format.  

Volume five, C2515, was reissued with the same title and volume number as C3517 with additional tracks.  

The second volume of the Lighthouse All Stars, C2501, was not reissued in the 12” LP format.  Other than the leader, Howard Rumsey, the only musician who performed on all of these releases was Bob Cooper.

William Claxton took the cover photograph of the Lighthouse All Stars on the beach.  This overhead shot taken from the pier at Hermosa Beach was one of the photos that Claxton took during the shoot.  The members on Vol. 6 were, from left to right: Bud Shank, Stan Levey, Bob Cooper, Conte Candoli, Claude Williamson and Howard Rumsey.

SHOW #11
The Lighthouse All Stars: Frank Rosolino, trombone; Bob Cooper, reeds; Sonny Clark, piano; Howard Rumsey, bass; Stan Levey, drums. June Christy, vocal.

Production credits:
Host: Bobby Troup
Producer: Jimmie Baker
Director: Norman Abbott
Technical Director: Bob Trachinger
Lighting Director: Vincent Cilurzo
Audio Engineer: Chuck Lewis
Video Engineer: Tom Sumner
Cameramen: Claire Higgins, Jack Denton

The photos that greatly enhance this presentation have been provided courtesy of the Ray Avery Estate.  The author would like to extend a most heartfelt thanks to Cynthia Sesso, Licensing Administrator of the Ray Avery Photo Archives.  Please note that these photos remain the property of the Ray Avery Estate and are used here with permission.  Any inquiries regarding their use, commercial or otherwise, should be directed to:  Cynthia Sesso at CTSIMAGES.

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