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Friday, January 25, 2013


Commentary © James A. Harrod, Copyright Protected; All Rights Reserved

The TV Guide for the week of October 15th noted that the Charlie Barnet Band would be appearing although “Pompton Turnpike” would not be among the pieces performed by the orchestra.  Barnet’s appearance of Stars of Jazz on October 15, 1956 was the 17th show in the series.  Schweppes Tonic Water was the sponsor for the  show that by this time had a waiting list for companies wishing to write a check to sponsor a program.  The Barnet band had a best selling album on RCA Victor that had been recorded in 1954 with Billy May arrangements, REDSKIN ROMP.  Prior to their appearance on Stars of Jazz the Barnet band had recorded a new album for Verve, LONELY STREET, that would be released later in 1956.

Ray Avery's STARS OF JAZZ book identifies many of the band members in the photos in his book. The complete accurate list is given below. Ernest Small doubled on trombone. The vocalist, Mary Lou Martin, is introduced as the latest songbird to occupy the vocal spot on the Barnet band.

SHOW #17

October 15, 1956
Charlie Barnet Orchestra: Sax section - Charlie Barnet, Bill Holman, William Trujillo, Richard Paladino, Robert Dawes, Ernest Small; Trombone section - Dave Wells, Bobby Burgess, Larry Anderson; Trumpet section - Carlton McBeath, Ollie Mitchell, Eugene Deumier, Ralph Mullins - Piano, Normnan Pockrandt - Bass, Red Wooten - Drums, Bill Bradley, Jr. - Mary Lou Martin (vocal).

Production credits for this show:
Host: Bobby Troup
Producer: Jimmie Baker
Writer: Bob Arbogast
Director: Norman Abbott
Audio: Chuck Lewis
Cameramen: Sal Folino, Jack Denton
Technical Director: Ted Hurley
Lighting Director: Vince Cilurzo
Video: Vince Mahoney

The photos that greatly enhance this presentation have been provided courtesy of the Ray Avery Estate.  The author would like to extend a most heartfelt thanks to Cynthia Sesso, Licensing Administrator of the Ray Avery Photo Archives.  Please note that these photos remain the property of the Ray Avery Estate and are used here with permission.  Any inquiries regarding their use, commercial or otherwise, should be directed to:  Cynthia Sesso at CTSIMAGES.

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