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Monday, October 7, 2013



Commentary © James A. Harrod, Copyright Protected; All Rights Reserved

Joni Roberts’ appearance on Stars of Jazz had been announced previously in the December 31, 1956 edition of TV Guide where she was scheduled to appear opposite the Jimmy Giuffre Trio.  The Giuffre Trio did not appear until the January 7, 1957 show and Nellie Lutcher was the guest vocalist on that program.  The TV Guide failed to mention the instrumental jazz group on this edition of the program, an unfortunate slip as Los Angeles boasted a striving traditional jazz fan base that would have boosted the audience for this show that featured two of the leading exponents of the Dixieland style, Ray Bauduc and Nappy Lamare.

(Nappy Lamare, left with Ray Bauduc & Bob Haggart, right)

Both were born and raised in New Orleans, Lamare on June 14, 1907 and Bauduc on June 18, 1909.  Their musical paths after leaving New Orleans would cross numerous times with their tenure in the Bob Crosby band being one of their longest associations.  Ray Bauduc co-wrote the opening tune performed by the group, The Big Noise From Winnetka, with Crosby bassist, Bob Haggart.  Bauduc would play the strings of Haggart’s bass during their performance of the piece with Bob Crosby's Bobcats.

Here is a clip from YouTube (not from the Stars of Jazz) with Haggart and Bauduc performing The Big Noise From Winnetka.

Ray Bauduc was the regular drummer in Nappy Lamare's Levee Loungers also known as the Louisiana Levee Loungers. South Rampart Street Parade was another Dixieland standard penned by Bauduc and Haggart.

In the early 1950s Nappy Lamare and his Strawhat Strutters were the featured performers on a KTLA TV series, DIXIE SHOWBOAT.  Nappy traded his guitar for the banjo with this group.  Lamare and Bauduc were frequent visitors to the Capitol Records studios on Melrose where they performed as sidemen on many sessions for artists under contract to Capitol.

Joni Roberts mentions during the show that she had sang with the Harry James band in 1952 but no recordings were made to document that association.  It appears that Roberts joined the ranks of the other aspiring vocalists who appeared on Stars of Jazz never to be seen again.

SHOW #29
JANUARY 21, 1957
The Ray Bauduc/Nappy Lamare Dixieland Band: Martin Peppi, trumpet; Rolly Furnas, trombone; Gene Bolen, clarinet; Don Owens, piano; Nappy Lamare, guitar; Ray Bauduc, drums. Eddie Beal, piano, Joni Roberts, vocal.

The production script for Show #29 is missing the first few pages and therefore the production personnel cannot be verified although many of the regular staff responsible for the previous programs were mostly likely the same for Show #29.

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